LeTendre Designs offers one-of-a-kind handmade fine jewelry with unique and creative designs. Nanette LeTendre Johnston is the founder of LeTendre Designs. Her father, Douglas, started making jewelry in the early 1930s and made fine, custom jewelry for over 65 years. To continue his legacy, Nanette studied jewelry arts and graduated from the Gemmological Association of Great Britain. This is an elite group of gemologists trained to uphold a very high standard of gem identification and ethics. Having been raised by a master goldsmith, she developed an eye for elegant and creative designs.

I get inspiration everywhere I look, especially the textures and shapes of nature. Hiking, beachcombing, gardening, even riding in a car bring new designs to mind. I also like incorporating initials or special symbols into a design forming a hidden message known only to the person wearing the piece.
— Nanette

Nanette’s customized designs are organic, abstract, and one-of- a-kind.  All of Nanette's jewelry is made by hand. Most pieces are made in wax and cast in silver or gold.  Others are hand-crafted from metal using a variety of techniques.  If a piece includes gemstones or diamonds, they often inspire the design as many are uniquely shaped.  The finish or patina is also chosen to complement the design and set off the beauty of the piece.