Custom Designs

One-of-a-kind jewelry can be created especially for a particular person or occasion. It may be a gift to yourself or that special someone.  It may be to honor an event or accomplishment, or anytime as a spontaneous expression of love and appreciation. In order to begin the process of capturing the essence of the occasion and how you wish to signify it, you are asked several questions to effectively generate the initial design.  Based on your feedback, the design is refined until just the right look and feel is reached.  Deciding on the stones, metal, and texture of the piece is an important part of this process.  You may choose from a large selection of unique gemstones and diamonds to use in the design, some of which may be viewed in the Gemstones area (coming soon).  A monogram, birthstone, date, name, or precious item may be incorporated into the design.  Engraving is also available.

The gems and metals used in the jewelry make a difference in the price of a piece of jewelry but they are not the only influence. With a hand-made custom piece, the final design dictates the techniques used to make the piece and that also influences the price.  One-of-a-kind designs are completely unique to the individual and as such require a non-refundable down payment equal to one-half the total cost of the piece. The total cost of the piece is provided when the design is finalized.  When the piece is complete, full payment must be received before the item is shipped. 

Please contact me to start the process of making a very special piece of jewelry!